Frequently Asked Questions

What's so good about SURFOX?

Surfox weld cleaning systems for stainless steel provide a faster, easier and most importantly SAFER way to clean and passivate stainless steel after it has been welded.

How would I clean welds without SURFOX?

Traditionally, stainless welds would have been ground mechanically, or treated with pickling paste. Mechanical grinding cleans the weld, but leaves the stainless without its protective chromium-oxide film. This will reform naturally, but often components are put back into service immediately - and the welds corrode straight away.

Pickling paste is a particularly nasty mix of hydrofluoric and nitric acids. It requires a secure area for application, and PPE (personal protective equipment) for the operator. The run-off must be correctly disposed of, and it will usually leave a discolouration of the stainless where it has been applied. It is increasingly being regulated out of the work place. SURFOX eliminates all of these problems.

There are other stainless weld cleaning machines on the market, why is SURFOX better?

Other weld cleaning machines use a "dip-and-drag" technique. The brush or pad has to regularly dipped in a jar containing the electrolyte to keep it moist. If it's allowed to dry, the pad or brush will burn - greatly shortening its life. SURFOX has a patented electrolyte delivery system - the liquid is delivered through the hose directly to the inside of the brush or pad. Liquid is supplied continuously without the operator having to stop or even think about it. This improves productivity, but also keeps the brush or pad cool so you get the maximum service life from them.

The SURFOX models 204 and 304 also have their unique fume elimination system. By attaching a compressed air line to the rear of the machine, air is continuously blown around the brush or pad, dispersing the fumes. The fumes are not dangerous (they are well below the allowable limits), but can obscure the operator's view. sing this on the 204 and 304, you can see what you are doing!

SURFOX machines are built tough - no flimsy plastic cases, the steel cabinet protects the internal components in the most rugged applications. They also come in a tough carrying case for protection when not being used, and secure transport when taking it to a job.

Easy cleaning of stainless steel with SURFOX!