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SURFOX 204 is an industrial, self-contained weld cleaning system with an integrated electrolytesolution tank, a low level indicator and an automatic dispensing pump. A variable speed pump(manual or automatic) delivers the desired amount of electrolyte continuously to the work piece.

This system is equipped with a self-regulating inverter board, automatically monitoring and adjusting the current so as to ensure maximum cleaning effectiveness without loss of productivity.

  • Variable current output knob, allowing the operator to pre-set the desired current level.
  • Wand on/off pump cycling controls.
  • Electrical outlet for optional marking/etching hand piece.
  • Switchable output: AC mode for cleaning and marking, DC mode for for polishing and etching.
  • Built in vapour elimination system, useful when working in confined areas.

Cleaning with the tungsten insert and high-conductivity pads


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  • Electrochemical cleaning with AC mode: settings low, medium, high (6-15 Amps)
  • Marking option
  • Electrochemical polishing in DC mode
  • Vapour elimination system


  • 3 standard cleaning pads
  • 1 tungsten insert 90o
  • 1 clamp ring
  • 1 protective carrying case


Input - 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A

Output - 12-30 V AC/DC, 15 A


Length 47 cm, width 25 cm, height 38 cm

Tank capacity 1.9 litres

Length of hose 4 mtrs

Weight 17.3 kgs