Brush Kits for 204 and 304

Brush Kits for 204 and 304

Carbon fibre brush with automatic flow-through electrolyte delivery

Fast and easy cleaning around difficult shapes with Surfox's new carbon fibre brushes. Screws into the standard wand with the adaptor, replacing the standard tungsten insert. Electrolyte delivery is via the standard hose, through the brush - no need to stop to dip the brush in electrolyte. This also keeps the brush cool, prolonging its life. Dry brushes burn, reducing their life. The automatic electrolyte delivery ensure Surfox brushes never burn!

The accessories are re-usable, you only need to buy new brushes.

Brush Kit B30

Approx. 10 mm diameter brush for general cleaning of MIG (Surfox 304) and TIG (204 and 304) welds. The sliding sleeve allows you to infinitely vary the brush length, to suit your job.

B30 brush kit for 104 / 204 / 304

Brush Kit B60

Approx. 15 mm diameter brush (3-4 times as many brushes as the B30). For cleaning of large MIG (Surfox 304) and TIG (204 and 304) welds. The sleeve screws up and down, allowing infinite variation of the brush length to suit your application. Uses the same o-ring, adaptor and isolator as the B30, just change the brush to suit your job.

B60 brush kit for 104 / 204 / 304

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