The Surfox Systems


The SURFOX electrochemical weld cleaning system is a highly effective method of removing heat tint in the heat-affected zone of welded stainless steel (TIG, Spot and now MIG), without altering the the surface of the parent material. It also promotes the formation of a uniform and durable chromium oxide passive layer to protect stainless steel against further corrosion.


SURFOX is a safer, faster and more cost-effective alternative to very hazardous pickling pastes and abrasive weld cleaning processes like wire-brushing and grinding.


SAFE SURFOX cleaning electrolytes are NSF certified to be used in food plants and pose no health hazards to operators.


FAST Uniform cleaning and passivation at a rate of 1 to 2 mtres per minute.


EASY TO USE The integrated reservoir and dispensing pump automatically delivers the cleaning electrolyte to the tip of the SURFOX machine to ensure no interruption in the cleaning process.

   Cleaning stainless steel weld with SURFOX     

Cleaning with the tungsten insert and high-conductivity pads