NEW! Surfox 304

NEW! Surfox 304

New Surfox 304 cleans MIG and TIG welds on stainless steel!

The newest member of the SURFOX family, the SURFOX 304 MIG and TIG system! Twice the cleaning power of the SURFOX 204 with double-inverter technology. Clean MIG welds with the new B30 brush attachment - connects directly to the wand. Clean TIG welds with either the brush or the high-conductivity PoliPads. Both options use the patented SURFOX flow-through system for delivery of the electrolyte direct to the brush or pad - no dip-and-drag!

B60 brush also available for larger welds, plus large graphite insert for larger contact area with the pads.

SURFOX's patented flow-through electrolyte system gives longer brush life. Because the electrolyte is delivered automatically, the brush always stays cool, giving maximum brush life. Dry brushes burn, destroying expensive carbon fibre!

  • Quickly cleans MIG, TIG and Spot Welds
  • Flow-through system for faster, more efficient cleaning and longer-lasting accessories
  • Ability to clean larger and hard to reach areas with new conductive brushes
  • Exclusive quick-change brush system
  • Can also mark or etch stainless steel (requires additional accessories)
  • Built-in vapour-elimination system

Surfox 304 cleans the worst MIG and the biggest TIG welds 

Download Surfox 304 brochure

Please note: the Surfox 304 will be supplied with the new B30 brush kit, not the brushes shown in the video and brochure, which are only applicable to the North American market.

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